Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Meet on Monday-Marry on Wednesday

C. usually drops in for a beer about twice a week. I saw her on the Saturday before Halloween and remarked that she hadn't been in as usual. She said she was in on Monday and got married in Vegas on Wednesday--to someone she had met at the bar on that Monday. He came in shortly and was introduced to everyone. They knew they were facing some skeptics and said "they were very happy so far, and were determined to keep it that way" In addition to C. he had gained a family of three Saint Bernards.

I saw her again just before Christmas and couldn't resist asking for a marriage status. She said it was still just as good and readily agreed to my request to post the story to the Weblog.

Can this be happening??? Have they found true love? Stay tuned.

Monday, December 26, 2005


The female manager dictating the dress code for bartenders
"If my six year old can see up your skirt it is too damn short!!"

A woman describing the axieties of moving to Virginia from Metro New York City.
"We were afraid we wouldn't be able to get good Chinese"
(she eventually gave local Chinese food her approval)

A bartender in response to a comment on her somewhat revealing blouse
"It's my pay the rent shirt."

The kitchen staff after I thanked them for putting up with the kitchen heat.
"No problem, we're from Guatemala. We know real hot."

W. was describing the scene at the campus of a large southern university where he took his daughter to start the semester
“I’ve never seen so many good looking honey blondes with boob jobs driving Mercedes- and they were the mothers!!!.”

A flustered and very busy waitress asked the people at the table next to mine if they were ready for their check. Their reply:
" Can we have our food first?"

You Eventually Just Get on with It.

Drug addition in a family member is a terrible experience. But you evenually just get tired of the lies and bad behaviour. At that point you get on with your life, and the addict becomes only a painful background distraction. This is illustrated by a recent story told by a 24 year old female bartender whose father has been a cocaine addict since her early memories.

Other than for his addiction my father has been wonderful to us. But over the years he has caused such pain and worry to my mother that we have become hardened to whatever he says. By agreeing to enter treatment centers and having good lawyers he went many years without doing any hard time. Finally we were faced with a sentencing which would almost surely include jail. My brother, sister, mother, and myself drove him to the court. He was given a light sentence but it did include jail. We watched him taken away. A hard thing to see happen to your father.

When we got into the car to go home, my mother started the engine, and turned to me and said
"Do you want to stop off for ice cream?"