Thursday, January 26, 2006

Differences Between Men and Women (1)

The discussion was about the difference between the ways women and men punish others when the person displeases them. For women the most punishing and effective action is to stop speaking to the offender-and to tell others that is what you are doing. Men never use this tool on each other.

K confirmed that if she finds another woman is not speaking to her it is crushing -- and she immediately begins to worry about what she has done to trigger the action.

J tells about the time that she was angry with her boyfriend and after a long session of verbal abuse ended it with the statement that she was just not going to speak to him anymore.

The difference between the sexes is shown by his reply
"And that is supposed to be punishment?"

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Recycled Old Movie Scenes

The discussion was on certain scenes in the old movies that were used over and over until they are burned into the moviegoer's mind. Here are a few:

1. The villian who appears to be dead after a long battle with the hero suddenly revives at the last moment for one last try.
2. The herione in high heels who is being chased through the woods,jungle,or field breaks a heel and falls.
3. The herione sleeping in a spooky mansion hears a strange noise and gets up to investigate in very revealing nightwear.
4. After being chased by a mad killer,alien,or monster the people finally reach their car-but it won't start.
5. The picture on the wall has real eyes and spies on the people in the room.
6. Two competing gangs in westerns go behind the same rocks (located just outside LA) and blast away at each other for minutes-doing no harm.
7. The bookcase swivels revealing a passageway to a secret lab.
8. The pin which ties the horse gear to the racing stage coach is shown bouncing around and finally falls out-causing the stagecoach to go over a nearby cliff.

Readers are encouraged to add their favorites to the list

Monday, January 16, 2006

Overheard II

After hearing the bartender tell of the virtues of the young man she was dating an experienced customer advised:
"Love is just a socially acceptable form of bi-polar disorder.I suggest you immediately take a lithium pill."
The relative difficulty of raising sons versus daughters is a never ending discussion. One woman said she asked her father who was the most difficult to raise-her or her brother-and received the following answer:
"With a son you only have to worry about one person's testosterone getting him into trouble. With a daughter you have to worry about all the testosterone in the world."
(Note: Language slightly changed)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Only Absolute Perfection Accepted

L___ announced that he had his new Harley outside and a crowd moved to the parking lot to see it. It was beautiful, shining in the afternoon sunlight, and impeccably maintained. He was accepting a flood of compliments from the crowd when he noticed a very small water spot on the mirror-like exhaust manifold. He quickly wiped it off--- but it was too late! A voice from the second row called out,

“Damn, it L__, If you weren’t going to take care of it you shouldn’t of bought it.”

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Horse Industry Grows While Dairy Farms Disappear

In spite of the onrushing development, horses still are a major part of Loudoun County business and culture. The number of horses may be actually increasing because the new population is also participating in horse ownership. It is hard to find a native of Loudoun County who did not grow up with horses.

The Rural Economy Task Force reports
Loudoun County is home to over 19,800 horses, more than any other county inVirginia. Loudon’s horses generate on average $89 million per year in sales, $78 million in operating expenses and provide employment for 2,480. The capital investment per horse is estimated to be $14,251 and the land supporting each horse is valued at $46,445. Horse owners in Loudoun spend almost 50 percent more per year per horse ($3,930) than all other Virginia horse owners
G. .recently moved his horse shoeing business from Lancaster County,PA to Loudoun because of the larger concentration of horse owners here.. He says that you can run a very busy shoeing business all within a radius of 20 miles of Middleburg

The decline of dairy farms has provided the developers with the land. In 1965, there were approximately 300 dairy farms, now there is only one.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Surprising Response

Almost all of the old-timers (like myself) can’t help comparing the current male-female relationships of the modern young with those we experienced growing up in more restrictive times and places.

Two young men who work as waiters always seemed to come in on their off hours with beautiful young women hanging on them-and the women seemed to change on a regular basis. One night when they were working, it happened that both were waiting at the end of the bar while the bartender prepared the drinks for their tables. The following conversation took place

Old Timer #1 “You young guys don’t appreciate how good you have it. In our day we had to work for months to get a girl to the point where I know you guys are getting them almost right away.”
Old Timer #2 “Yes and some of us had to actually marry them!”
After the laughter ended, it was obvious that the two young men had given the matter some thought.
Young Man #1 “We wish it was that way now. At least you had something lasting. "
Young Man #2 “Yeah, there was loyalty”.

The drink orders filled , they left for their customers table—leaving behind several newly respectful people.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Senator Byrds Mach 1 Hairdo

B. was a pilot in the Air Force and now has a commercial aviation career. He tells of a scene he witnessed as a pilot of Air Force 2 flying a congressional congregation to northern Russia.

"We landed during a major blizzard and wind storm. The plane was severely rocked and buffeted while on the landing strip. As the congressional passengers were disembarked each endured a tremendous struggle with the wind, resulting in all types of severe dishevelment. But when Senator Byrd of WVa left the plane and walked into the howling wind not a single hair on his groomed head was disturbed. His hair remained as perfect as it is when he delivers a speech in the senate. The crew and other passangers were astounded. It was thereafter referred to as Senator Byrd’s Mach 1 Hairdo. "