Friday, February 10, 2006

Meet on Monday-Marry on Wednesday – A 3 ½ Month Update

A previous post told how C first met her husband in the tavern on Monday and they were married in Vegas on Wednesday. It was her first marriage. We promised updates as “time goes by.”

She was in last night and reported that everything is fine. He is helping her with her dog care business and they are settled in. She admitted to “a few small tiffs over the period that did not amount to anything.” Her report to everyone is that it is “still very good-and we are still determined to keep it that way “.

?????? Can it be? When will the post marriage chemical changes in their brains kick in??????

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Rahzel’s Unrequited Love

A few nights ago, K told a strange story about her dog and a wild deer.

After caring for the horses in the morning, K usually takes her dog Rahzel (a 50lb mix) for a walk through the fields and along a 15 acre lake which is on the property where she works.One morning, she heard a commotion behind the lake bank, a little distance away.A deer’s head appeared momentarily above the bank level and then disappeared.Rahzel immediately took off toward the lake.K ran behind.She heard a splash and saw several geese fly.When she reached the bank,the deer was swimming in the lake.Rahzel had jumped in and was swimming toward it.

The deer reached a point where several trees had fallen into the lake and scrambled to a position where she was standing on the trees. Rahzel joined her in the same position and the two began to touch noses. After a short time, Rahzel wanted to further the acquaintance by sniffing at her rear end. The deer did not like this and moved her backside away from him. They formed a rotating pinwheel with Rahzel continually trying to approach her backside and the deer moving it away in a circular motion. This went on for some time.

The deer finally broke off and began to swim across the lake,with Rahzel swimming right along with her. K finally succeeded in calling him and he returned to her. They watched the deer swim completely across the lake and climb ashore. She was wobbly and could hardly stand up—apparently exhausted. Finally, she regained her strength and walked into the woods.

Since that day, Rahzel gets very excited when they come within view of the lake. He breaks off and runs to it-- his tail wagging in anticipation of seeing the deer. Sadly, she has not appeared again,

But perhaps it is for the best. They came from such different backgrounds that it probably would not have worked out.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moving to the Country? Some Advice.

Almost all of the newcomers fit in well with their new small town or country environment and find that their expectations are exceeded. If you are moving to recapture the lifestyle in which you were raised you will be overjoyed to find it still exists.

However, there are a few people that just start wrong. In a small town, you will be dealing with the same people repeatedly, so initial impressions are important. After several years of watching newcomers integrate with those who have lived there all their lives, I can offer the following advice.

1. Most important of all, realize that your standing in the community will be based upon your kindness, courtesy and respect for others.No amount of wealth or status will get you a bye on this rock hard standard. Wealthy, arrogant people are in the country and small towns but they go through life missing its most important component-the warm fellowship of others.
2. Always remember that you are here to enjoy the country not to bring the city to the country.
3. Realize that Virginia is a distinguished state and far superior to NY and CA.
4. To avoid the appearance of arrogance or pretentiousness never forget the following
--There is no class system in any social environment.
--Assume that the natives know more than you and want to help.
--Service staffs at restaurants are not servants-they are friends.
--Leave political correctness behind you.
5. Do not even think of proposing new gun control legislation.
6. Never be in such a hurry that you can’t have a short conversation.
7. If a merchant or service person asks about where you live they are getting to know you and will not sell this information to internet companies.
8. Do not complain about
--Power failures as a unique feature of country life.
--ATV’s and dirt bikes as long as they are handled responsibly.
--People hunting deer in the hills behind your development.
--People starting meetings with a prayer or the pledge of allegiance.
--Things you miss from the city.
9. You can complain about
--The price of gasoline.
--The traffic.
--Irresponsible kids on ATV’s and dirt bikes.
--Tradesmen who do not call you back.
--Grouchy merchants-everyone will know who they are.
--Eastern Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.
--The federal and state governments.
--The county and local government after you have been here a year.

You can be of any political party, religion,ethnic background, or race. As long as you heed these rules, you will make friends with both the long timers and the other newcomers