Friday, March 03, 2006

Rural/metro Interface Brings New Experiences to Animals

The recent snow brought many children to a local pasture that had a rolling hill that was ideal for sledding. When they quit for the day most left their sleds for later riding. Thus, the hill was dotted with brightly colored plastic sleds. These bright colors attracted a number of cattle. K happened to be watching and reports this funny event.

One large cow approached a bright red sled and began pawing it. After a few minutes she grew bored and started to walk away, but tread directly on the sled. The sled slide out and the cow fell in a perfect sitting position on the sled that began to slide down the hill. After several feet of travel, the cow wiggled and kicked to a standing position and returned to stare at the sled. With one strong stroke she sent the sled flying and walked away.

K said that if she had a video camera that scene would have been a sure winner on “Funniest Animal Videos”