Monday, March 26, 2012

Democratically Rebuilding Congress

The 2012 Congressional elections will indeed be strange. Many incumbents of the worst Congresses in our nation’s history will have the nerve to try to convince you to re-elect them. It is critical that those who have contributed to the abysmal 9% approval rating of the 112th Congress are not returned to office.

This election is our first chance to begin the path to a productive Congress. Unfortunately the process that is in place was designed to greatly favor the candidates of the two political parties that failed us in the first place. Our two party system offers only one individual to serious consider for replacing a incumbent. If you are fortunate there might also be some occasional seriously underfunded independent candidates.

It may take several election cycles until we have a Congress that will make the necessary reforms. This makes the quality of those that are selected this time extremely important. It will set serious standards for our future. A strong statement by the voters will certainly speed up the transition.

What are the characteristics a replacement candidate Senator or Congressman should show? For starters, basic intelligence, honesty and a respect for truth will go a long way. A dishonest campaign is a marker for a dishonest candidate. Criticism of an opponent should be factual and specific. A campaign based on deceit and half truths must be rejected.

I personally intend to also look for these addional characteristics:

Strong intentions to solve the country’s problems and improve quality of life by actions. Not a bean counter in full retreat.

Strong supporter of bi-partisan actions that support the goals covered in the introduction to the Constitution, regardless of party or special interest implications.

Dedicated to ending money and introduce qualifications as controlling factors in our democracy.

Willingness to study and understand the basics of our current financial system as preparation for knowledgeable reform.

Supports a long term plan to reduce deficits when the economy stabilizes.

Supports conducting a public review with the subsequent elimination of inefficient Congressional administrative practices.

End special privileges for Congressional, Judicial, and Administration staff.
Will I find candidates who meet my criteria? I hope so. They would certainly go a long ways toward ending the Congressional management disasters well recognized by conservatives, moderates, and liberals alike. Maybe we then could turn this ship away from the existing governing icebergs that endanger us all.

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